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Here is a list of people who I believe are spammers, because their email addresses are proven to be of spam quality, and have tried to spam mail me on any of my different accounts.  Now I believe that, all people who email spam people should be punished, and I therefore figured what better way, than to add those addresses for everyone to see, and hopefully they will be able to receive Spam emails as well.  All robots are welcome to search this page, and it is freely accessible by Google, and all other search engines as well, and lastly feel free to link to this page if you want.  Please feel free to copy this list onto other email lists.


Everyone is human, therefore if you find your email address below, then you were either hacked, and I apologise to you, or, you’re a spammer, and you need to be stopped.  Let me know, with good reason, if you would like to be taken off the list below.


If you hate spammers as much as I do, and would like to add some email addresses to this list, please feel free to contact me.  I have several websites, that advertise this same list in the hopes that robots will will pick up this list, and freely add them to their list.


Most importantly, STOP SPAMMING PEOPLE.


Thank you for your co-operation, and happy emailing spamming.


Spam Email Address
Spam Email Address