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Dieter Grunewald is The Most Daring Drone Pilot In Malta.

I’ve been flying drones for many years, and have recently become a leading supplier of Drone Footage!

All my Drone Footage is for sale, mainly on

Sales & Marketing

I’m currently working on affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, as well as business growth.


Take a look at my Entrepreneur page for more information on my booming ideas.

Moovly Animator

I create professional animated videos using Moovly.

 Drone Footage

I’ve mainly been focusing on Drone Footage of the Maltese Island’s.

I have almost 3 Terabytes worth of footage (that’s about 10hrs at 4K), but now looking to expand out side of Malta.


On my Past Career page, you can find out more about my involvement in the entertainment industry, from stage hand, to Event Management.

I also worked on Cruise Ships for over 8 years.

Performance Career

Never you mind how little you’ve seen, until you’ve seen nothing.

My Malta Film Commission Page has my details.



I have a huge passion for Sport.  All kinds of sport, but I really have 2 top favourites: Hockey (Field Hockey) and Rugby.

Traveller and Photographer

On my Photography page, you’ll see I’m definitely not an expert photographer, but I do really enjoy photography.

Whether it’s still photography, or videos, I thoroughly enjoy editing images and videos, to capture the perfect emotion.


I love to cook, and on my Chef page, you’ll see a short video blog, that I am starting.  This V-log will be updated around once every month, and will have my latest recipe taster.  You can subscribe to that list separately if you would like, and you will receive a notification when there is a new v-log.


I have a Blog that comes out once a week.  Some of them are a little boring for certain readers, but others are interesting to all.

You can also Subscribe to my blog, and you’ll receive them via email.

Volunteer Work

My Volunteer work keeps me busy with several Non-Profit Organisations.

Dieter Grunewald - The Most Daring Drone Pilot In Malta - Drone Footage

I am who I am, and I aim for greatness.

I’m a fast learner, and a great achiever.

I think big, because I don’t believe in small.

I’m building my brand, because I am my business.

I am Dieter Grunewald.