Dieter Grunewald - The Most Daring Drone Pilot In Malta

Dieter Grunewald

My History



The Most Daring Drone Pilot In Malta

I’m described as crazy, yet amazing, fun yet professional, and witty yet smart.  I’m loyally dedicated to what ever I’m busy with.

I recently decided to change my career path, and I’ve actively gone into sales and marketing.  I also have a passion for flying drones, and creating amazing drone footage.   More information on my DieterGDrones page, where I also explain why I’m “The Most Daring Drone Pilot In Malta”.

DieterGDrones is a separate project that I continue to focus on.  It involves, taking the drone footage, editing the footage, and overall, creating a finished product.  I really love flying drones, and doing what ever it takes to get that shot.  I edit videos, I create music, put everything together, to create a finished product.  I live in Malta, and I don’t thin there is a more beautiful place to shoot.



My marketing career just started recently, and I’ve found something that I’m really good at, and throughly enjoy.  I’m mainly focusing on Affiliate Marketing (wikipedia), Influencer marketing (wikipedia), both in the digital sector.  I have a passion for success, and stop at nothing to achieve it.  If you would like me to work with you on marketing your products, go ahead and contact me.


Before I became The Most Daring Drone Pilot In Malta?

I’m now Drone Pilot in Malta, and I claim the title of “The Most Daring Drone Pilot In Malta”, and I welcome any challengers.

I’ve lived and worked on cruise ships, which has allowed me to travel and see the world, work with some amazing people and equipment.  I’ve seen parts of the world that I never would have dreamt of, and I’ve eaten foods that didn’t think possible.  I love to work (unless it’s house work), and I’m always looking to further my knowledge and career, and new ways to better those around me as well.

I am someone who strives for perfection, and my bubbly and enthusiastic personality allows me to work well with almost all.. From cruise ships, to touring Africa, business meetings in Vancouver, and even making movies in Malta, I have a large knowledge of the entertainment and business sectors, and my experiences are highly sought after.

I also enjoy motivating others around me, and together with my leadership skills and over 24 years experience, I’ve had the pleasure of leading teams of over 120 people at a time, in some very stressful occasions.

I enjoy photography, and flying drones, and information, which is why I’ve started creating documentaries about the area that I’m in, or the experiences that I’ve had.  This is a new project, so don’t tell too many people, but it’ll come out one day…

I have recently started recording some of my music, and created an album.  It’s a small project, but it’s something that I have always wanted to do, and I’m working at it slowly, and one day it’ll come out. It’ll be a slow rock / jazzy background music.

Take a look around my site, and let me know if you have any questions, or want to stay in touch.