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Polar Conservation Organisation – Polar Library

The Polar Library created by the Polar Conservation Organisation (PCO), is massive with loads of information on different aspects of the Polar Regions.

The world renowned Polar Conservation Organisation, has a large database of information, on all aspects of the Polar regions.  PCO has taken the taking the time to do thorough research, including photographs, and links.  One of the volunteers has even spent 13 months in Antarctica, doing research.

The Polar Library contains information from Penguins to whales to rodents, they have all the information you need.

Polar Conservation Organisation Mission

PCO is committed to working with and engaging industry players, communicating and educating the public and pressuring government organisations in the development of the necessary social, political and economic frameworks to ensure a sustainable future for both Polar Regions.  In order achieve this objective, the PCO has and continues to develop specific projects and programs that target these areas.

Polar Conservation Organisation Vision

The Polar Conservation Organisation’s vision is sustainability of the Polar Regions.

About Polar Conservation Organisation

PCO was founded in 2009 the and is a registered non profit charitable foundation (Registration #:BE 0809.620.639) with its headquarters in the European Capital, Brussels.  PCO is committed to providing information, education and news about and related to the Polar Regions in an attempt to raise awareness about the need to preserve these delicate environments.

You too can help by contributing at polarconservation.org/support.

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