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Some Amazing 4K Drone Footage

An Overview

Recently I’ve been uploading a fair amount of Drone Footage that purchasable on  Amongst many other areas of my life, this Drone Footage is something that I’m very proud of.  It took me over 2 months to capture the footage, but I’m still not finished editing all of it…

The Story of DieterGDrones

I’ve been flying drones for several years, and about 6 months ago, I obtained a DJI Phantom 4.  In Malta, currently no licenses required to fly a drone, so it’s the perfect place to shoot right?

I started by shooting easy areas to access, like the Blue Grotto, Traffic circles at night, and then progressed to more daring sites, like Comino island, The Aure window.  My most challenging flight was also my longest flight of over 5Km, and flew all the way to Filfla island.  You can see the video on my Youtube account.

I then went away to Denmark, and Norway for 2 months for a separate business venture, but unfortunately I could not take my Drone with me.  Can you imagine some of the Drone Footage that I could have gotten from there?  With the fjords, and the waterfalls, the beautiful streets, and buildings, it would have been an absolute pleasure to have filmed all that.  But I have captured some exquisite shots of Malta, and as mentioned, they are uploaded and available at for you to purchase.

The Most Daring Drone Pilot In Malta

What makes a daring drone pilot?  Why is it important that drone pilots are daring?

These are very good questions, and the answer is simple.  Are you willing and able to get the shots that others won’t, well I consider myself to be The Most Daring Drone Pilot In Malta.  Whatever your expectations are, I can and will get them done.


Ta-Xbiex Marina - Drone Footage
Ta-Xbiex Marina

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